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addiction treatment south florida

South Florida Addiction Treatment – Start Your Recovery

Over the past few years, South Florida has become known as the “capital of recovery centers.” Drug rehabs are in abundance, as are halfway and sober living houses to provide the next steps after treatment. Unsure if South Florida should be your treatment destination? Keep reading to get a better idea of what to expect from South Florida addiction treatment options. 

Addiction Treatment in Florida

More people seek substance abuse and mental help in Florida than in any other state. Twice as many people check into residential treatment centers in Florida, including for addictions to painkillers and heroin. Major cities in South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and its boroughs are home to many treatment centers. 

Unlike other states, Florida offers solutions to addicts of various income levels. Luxury, high-end drug rehab centers are common in Miami, while more affordable options are available in areas like Fort Lauderdale and Boynton Beach. 

Should I Consider Traveling to Florida for Treatment?

Some people believe a change in the environment can help your addiction treatment and recovery process. As a result, a change of scenery can take you out of trigger situations and places. Thus, forcing yourself to be in a new place can help you break bad habits and remove old temptations, providing a fresh start.

Traveling to South Florida for addiction treatment means you’ll be in an upbeat and refreshing atmosphere. Many treatment centers are near the beach, which means those in the programs can experience a real chance of scenery with serenity.

If you believe a change of environment will be beneficial, South Florida is by far one of the best areas for addiction treatment.

The Importance of Addiction Treatment Laws in Florida

While most people focus on the amenities, it’s critical to recognize the importance of having laws for those in addiction treatment. Florida has regulations to help those who get in trouble or refuse treatment. Generally, the Florida legal system offers plenty of help to those in drug and alcohol treatment programs.

The Marchman Act

Also known as Florida’s Substance Abuse Impairment Act, this regulation helps people find and receive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Under this law, someone can involuntarily receive an assessment for a substance abuse problem through the court system. As a result, the Marchman Act makes it easier for family members to help their loved ones if they refuse addiction rehab.

Drug Courts

Since 1989, Florida’s drug courts help people struggling with addiction and mental disorders. Unlike traditional courts, drug courts offer the alternative to receive treatment for substance abuse instead of a jail sentence. 

However, if someone seeks treatment through a drug court and fails the program or is non-compliant, they go to jail. Studies show this system generally minimizes crime, reduces costs, and motivates drug offenders to receive and complete treatment. Offenders also must maintain employment, which helps prevent relapse.

Inmate Treatment Programs

In Florida, those serving time in jail or prison can receive treatment for their addiction. On occasions, they can transfer to treatment centers to ensure they receive proper treatment. 

Reasons to Choose Florida for Addiction Treatment

Florida’s laws make addiction treatment a positive and comprehensive experience for those struggling with substance abuse. But, that’s not the only reason Florida is a coveted spot for addiction treatment. 

  • Location is Everything: No matter where you are coming from, a change of scenery will always benefit your recovery. Plus, South Florida’s sunny climate lifts the spirit.
  • Evidence-based Treatment Programs: Florida is notorious for its evidence-based substance abuse treatment programs. The methods are tried and true from hospitals to rehabs to intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). Additionally, there is an abundance of rehabilitation facilities for you to choose from depending on your specific needs. Other specific treatment options include medication-assisted and dual diagnosis treatment programs for individuals struggling with mental health.
  • Sober Living Goals: Sober living is part of the conventional model in the continuum of care. As a result, it is entirely reasonable to meet someone who says they are in recovery as part of your everyday life in the community. Thus, Floridians are very accepting and supportive of those in recovery.
  • Halfway Houses You’ll Love: Many options exist for men’s and women’s sober living. Halfway houses often feature single rooms, pools, dog-friendly accommodations, and more.
  • Widely Available Meetings: AA/NA Meetings are in abundance. Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous are all over the place, and all the time, so you are nearly sure to find a meeting to suit your needs. From church meetings to bonfire-on-the-beach-meetings – there is something for everyone.

Finding Addiction Treatment in South Florida

These are just a few of the things to think about before committing to come down to Florida. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we always enjoy receiving individuals from all across the country. Our inpatient drug treatment programs and houses offer a sense of home. 

We’re a small but cozy rehab center in Boynton Beach, with quick access to major shopping areas, beaches, parks, and more. If a change of scenery is what you need, rehab in South Florida continues to prove a favorite destination for many.

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