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Beacon Health Employee Assistance Program for Drug Addiction

The first step to finding addiction recovery is to begin receiving treatment. When it comes to addiction treatment, there are many aspects people don’t know. For example, not everyone knows Beacon health insurance or other commercial insurances can cover drug rehab costs. They have no clue that their employer’s coverage includes substance abuse and mental health solutions. The reality is that insurance coverage is complicated. But, companies like Beacon Health Options include addiction treatment coverage in many of their group policies. Keep reading to learn more about Beacon Health Employee Assistance Program benefits. 

What Are Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Beacon Insurance Employee Assistance Programs help companies address complicated issues on mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Among the services included are alcohol and drug abuse treatment. The intention is to provide practical and safe solutions for employers to maintain their workplace environment drug-free.

Nevertheless, these confidential programs help the company’s employees the most. By providing secure access to counseling and referrals to addiction treatment facilities, employees can seek treatment without fear of losing their jobs. Thus, Employee Assistance Programs, such as Beacon Health Insurance, provides a confidential, safe, and supportive process to treatment services.

Employee Assistance Program Benefits

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Survey of Drug Use and Health, addiction affects close to 164.8 million people in the United States. As a result, the drug epidemic continues to be a public health crisis. Also, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that in 2018, close to 47.6 million adults aged 18 and older struggle with a co-occurring mental disorder. Therefore, finding the appropriate drug rehabilitation center is of paramount importance for long-term recovery.

Although not all commercial group insurance policies include EAP benefits and coverage, many companies offer these solutions. EAP benefits include having access to:

  • Confidential environments to discuss personal addiction and mental health struggles
  • Assistance programs with online and phone help available 24/7
  • Resources for awareness and guidance about substance abuse 
  • Reintegration assistance programs to help people reincorporate back to the workforce after treatment

Beacon Health Employee Assistance Program 101

The Beacon Wellbeing Program offers a new approach to traditional EAPs. Because of their proactive, multi-channel approach that focuses on accessibility, usage, and measurability, employees are more engaged, satisfied, and productive. The primary goal is to enjoy a healthier, productive workforce with lower health expenditures.

What makes the Beacon Health Employee Assistance Program different is their:

  • Assessment of all areas influencing a patient’s well-being
  • Inclusion of an onset engagement program with multiple follow-ups
  • Broad access for employees to access the EAP via phone, online, or in-person
  • Organizational workplace services including management consultations, training, and more
  • Tailored recommendations that address unique concerns
  • A complete and proactive approach to seeking treatment

Understanding Drug Use and Healthcare

When it comes to substance use disorders and health insurance, treatment only recently became widely accessible. Until the last few decades, those seeking mental health and substance abuse treatment couldn’t turn to their insurance coverage to help manage the high cost of rehab. Even today, people still believe addiction treatment can only be covered through cash or out-of-pocket expenses. 

As a result of Obamacare, health coverage was adjusted to consider mental health and substance use disorders, essential health benefits that required coverage. Hence, this became the turning point for insurance companies and addiction treatment.

Thanks to these rulings, insurance plans started offering some form of addiction and mental health coverage. It also lifted the denial of coverage for a preexisting condition, including drug and alcohol addiction. Plus, it made it easier for group policies to facilitate employee assistance programs to companies.

After this, care management, treatment, and the overall cost of addiction treatment couldn’t be more restrictive than for any other ailment. 

Drug Addiction Treatment Options

When it comes to drug addiction treatment, there isn’t a one-way solution or approach. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we offer comprehensive treatment programs that combine evidence-based behavioral therapies and other structures that help people confront their drug or alcohol addiction. Additionally, these therapies help individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders in addition to their substance use.

Addiction treatment plans often incorporate one or two of these approaches:

Also, these programs will incorporate treatment services and therapies that address the ramifications of addiction and prevent relapse. Some of these therapies include:

Does My Insurance Cover Drug Addiction Treatment?

Generally, Beacon Health Insurance will cover drug rehab. If you have insurance through an employer provider, consult with their HR department or insurance broker to learn more about their EAP coverage. However, each insurance policy is different and has varying coverage levels. The most secure and fastest way to determine if your Beacon Health Options insurance policy covers drug rehab is by reaching our treatment center.

Contact us today and speak with our admission specialists to verify your insurance coverage and start your recovery process.

Get Help Today

Please know addiction treatment is widely available. Talk to your HR department to learn more about your company’s employee assistance program coverage and solutions. Remember, these conversations are legally confidential, and they cannot cost you your job. 

EAPs are flexible, reliable, and confidential ways for employees to seek drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Your well-being is also your employer’s interest, and together you can find the treatment you need without burning your savings. 

When you’re ready, our addiction specialists will analyze your unique case and build a treatment program that suits your needs. Thanks to our comprehensive and personalized approach to addiction treatment, we can minimize the risk of relapse and help people like you or your loved one find long-term sobriety. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we ask people not to wait another day; addiction treatment can save your life. Start your journey to recovery today.

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