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Warning Signs That You Have a Drug Addiction

There’s a fine line between drug use and drug addiction. This line becomes even thinner, with unusually addicting and powerful drugs like heroin. Many addicts start as casual drug users and don’t realize they are addicts until it’s too late. Let’s take a look at five of the warning signs of drug addiction. Generally, these signs make it clear that you or someone you know needs drug rehab to get over their alcohol or heroin addiction.

Top 5 Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

#1 Fear is Setting In

Constant denial leads to a sense of real fear. Generally, when a person considers the thought of being an addict and has a real sense of panic, likely, they do indeed have a drug problem. Most people do not have a fear of something that does not apply to them.

#2 Failure to Manage Time

When addiction sets in, people spend most of their time focused on their addiction. It’s either partaking in the drug use or figuring out how to get more of their drug of choice. This focus leads to missed appointments, ignoring responsibilities, and losing productivity at work. If you notice that your employment or educational responsibilities suffer because of drug use, this is a huge warning sign of drug addiction.

#3 Lack of Social Interaction

Addicts will slowly but surely lose touch with friends and loved ones alike. There’s an understanding deep down in every addict that what they are doing is wrong. Additionally, they know that the people around them won’t be pleased with their drug use. As a result, addicts avoid shame or confrontation, and they will isolate themselves purposely.

#4 Acting Without Fear of Consequence

While thoughts of fear may arise for those who consider their addiction, they’ll often show a lack of concern when it comes to their actions. For instance, a person may indicate a willingness to break the law and acquire more drugs without really thinking of the danger they are putting themselves in. Many addicts will also begin to act out sexually in ways they never had before. Another sign of risky behavior is a willingness to spend large amounts of money without fear of having enough to pay monthly bills and handle other responsibilities.

#5 Withdrawal Symptoms

When an addict doesn’t ingest their drug of choice for an extended period, they will start to go through withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include restlessness, sadness, and even physical illness. These factors don’t happen for casual drinkers, for example. Generally, most users seek medical detox under a licensed doctor to help manage their withdrawal symptoms.

Getting Help For Drug Addiction

Our addiction treatment center has professionals who have helped countless individuals struggling with various drug addictions. So if after reading these warning signs of drug addiction, you realize you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, reach out. Our addiction professionals are also available to help you and can be reached today at (866) 308-2090.

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