5 Reasons Drug Rehab is Right For You

5 Reasons Drug Rehab is Right For You

Time To Go To Drug Rehab? Reasons Drug Rehab is Right for You

Making the decision to go to drug rehab can be tough, scary, and ultimately a decision people put off for too long- often until it is too late. Are you on the fence? Maybe your loved ones have suggested it and you are thinking about it yourself. Here are five reasons that it is time to take the step and change your life.

Signs That Drug Rehab is Right For You

  • You have tried numerous times to “control” your use, and failed.  From “I’ll only drink one beer an hour” to “I’ll only dabble in (insert drug of choice here) on the weekends”, addicts make these promises to themselves as a way to feel like they are in-control of the situation. The truth is that this may work for a night, maybe even a month, but eventually you will let your guard down, make the false assumption that you have a handle on the situation and you will end up using more than you intended. This is a vicious cycle that can usually only be broken with professional intervention. If you can’t stop using when you want to the substance is controlling you, not the other way around.


  • Your personal and/or professional life is suffering consequences. Maybe you are on the outs with your significant other or you got fired for calling out sick five too many times. When substance abuse is getting in the way of other important things in your life, it’s time to make a serious change. If not, your rock bottom will keep getting deeper, and you don’t want to find out how low it can go.

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  • You black out and don’t remember events from the time you were using. Can you imagine waking up to a horrible situation and not even remembering how it happened? Maybe you’ve already found yourself in this kind of scary mess. This speaks for itself – using to this point puts you in major danger for doing harmful things to yourself or others while in this state. Unprotected sex, driving under the influence, falling down the stairs, getting hit by a car – these things happen and the consequences can be deadly.


  • You are self-medicating. More often than not, addicts and alcoholics suffer from something called Dual Diagnosis, which means that they suffer from something like anxiety, bipolar disorder, or depression in additional to substance abuse. Often the drug of choice is used as a way to avoid those bad feelings and “escape”. While this may work while the person is under the influence, the truth is that drugs and alcohol actually make these kinds of mood disorders worse because of the effects on chemicals in the brain.


  • You are still reading this article. If you are debating whether it is a good choice to go to rehab, the answer is more than likely a resounding “YES”. If you googled it, are wondering, can relate to reasons 1-4 in this article, take it from those who have already been there – done that, rehab will change your life and give you a new opportunity to be in charge of your future.

group therapy for menDrug Rehab Can Save Your Life

The bottom line is here. You are the writer of your personal story, and it doesn’t have a set ending, no matter how far down your rock bottom has become. Know that many people have been exactly where you are now and have been able to change their futures by seeking help and allowing professionals to take the reigns of their life for a little while. If putting your life on hold for 30-42 days seems terrifying, just think about where you will be after that same amount of time using. Dead? In jail? A complete failure? Estranged from your family and friends? Investing the time and care in yourself instead can save your life. Going to rehab is your chance. Take it.

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