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signs it is time to go to rehab

5 Signs It’s Time to Go to Rehab

Deciding to receive treatment at a drug rehab center can be tough and scary. It’s ultimately a decision that people put off for too long- often until it is too late. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, almost 90% of people who struggle with substance abuse avoid seeking treatment.

Are you on the fence about getting help for addiction treatment today? Maybe your loved ones have suggested it, and you are thinking about it yourself. Here are five reasons that it is time to take the step and change your life today.

#1 – You Have Tried Numerous Times to “Control” Your Drug Use and Failed

Addicts make promises to themselves as a way to feel like they are in “control” of the situation when the reality is that they have lost control and are powerless to stop using their drug of choice. 

The truth is that these attempts to stop might work for a night, maybe even for weeks to a month, but eventually, you will let your guard down, make the false assumption that you have a handle on the situation, and you will end up using more than you intended. 

As a result, this can become a vicious cycle; however, with the assistance of professional intervention, the cycle can be stopped. If you can’t stop using even when you want to, then the reality is that the substance is controlling you, not the other way around.

If you find yourself attempting to control your drug use, then it’s time to start reaching out for help and seeking treatment at a drug rehab. You can’t get clean off sheer willpower alone. Get help so that you can finally get off the substances and learn how to maintain recovery.

#2 – Your Personal and Professional Life Is Suffering the Consequences

Maybe you are on the outs with your significant other, or you got fired for calling out sick too many times. When substance abuse and mental health struggles are getting in the way of other essential things in your life, it’s time to make a serious change. 

If not, your rock bottom will keep getting deeper, and you don’t want to find out how low it can go. If you’re suffering consequences as a result of your drug addiction, then it’s time to contact a drug rehab center. 

These outcomes may not be enough to deter you from using, but seeking treatment can help you recover and stop suffering the same consequences over and over again.

#3 – You Blackout and Continue to Forget Events While Under the Influence

Can you imagine waking up to a horrible situation and not even remembering how it happened? Maybe you’ve already found yourself in this kind of a scary circumstance. If blackouts are frequent, you may be putting yourself and others in significant danger while in this state.

Generally, some everyday situations that occur during blackouts include unprotected sex, driving under the influence, falling down the stairs, getting hit by a car, and other consequences can be deadly. Nothing says you need to get help for addiction more than you not remembering what happens when you get high. Blacking out from using drugs and alcohol addiction can be extremely dangerous, and the truth is that this is no way to live.

#4 – You Are Self-Medicating

More often than not, addicts and alcoholics suffer from dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Generally, this means that they suffer from anxiety, bipolar disorder, or depression, in addition to a substance use disorder. Often the drug of choice is used to avoid those bad feelings and “escape.”

While this may work while the person is under the influence, the truth is that drugs and alcohol make these kinds of mood disorders worse because of the effects on chemicals in the brain

If you use substances to numb your feelings or cope in an unhealthy manner, then you aren’t just abusing substances anymore. You are suffering from a full-blown addiction and require treatment to recover. It’s time to reach out for help, and sooner rather than later.

#5 – You Are Still Reading this Article

If you are debating whether it is an excellent choice to go to rehab, the answer is more than likely a resounding “YES.” If you googled it, are wondering, can relate to reasons 1-4 in this article, take it from those who have already been there – done that, rehab will change your life and give you a new opportunity to be in charge of your future.

If you needed a sign to contact a drug rehab center, like Lighthouse Recovery Institute, then this is it. Call and get the help you need to recover from addiction today.

Other Signs You Should Seek Substance Abuse treatment

Not all signs are as glaring as the previous ones. Sometimes, people don’t notice these signs until their addiction interferes with their daily life. Other signs it might be time to go to rehab include:

  • You’re experiencing physical health problems as a result of your addiction
  • Family and friend relationships are strained
  • You need substances to get through any given day
  • You keep lying about your use – to yourself and others
  • You’ve experienced legal issues for using
  • You keep missing important events or obligations, both at work and in your personal life
  • Someone, either a friend or family member, has already suggested you need help
  • You continue to downplay or glorify your substance abuse
  • You keep coming up with excuses to delay treatment
  • You’re afraid of losing your job or loved ones after checking into rehab
  • Drug Rehab Can Save Your Life

Drug Rehab Can Save Your Life

The bottom line is here. You are the writer of your personal story, and it doesn’t have a set ending, no matter how far down your rock bottom has become. The answer to when to go to drug rehab lies within you.

Many people have been where you are now and have been able to change their futures by seeking help and allowing professionals to guide them.

If putting your life on hold for 30-42 days seems terrifying, just think about where you will be after using it. 

Are you estranged from your family members and friends? Investing the time and care in yourself instead can save your life. Going to rehab is your chance. Take it.

When it comes to addiction, consequences are typically not enough to get an addict to stop using. Going to a drug treatment facility can help you discover and acknowledge what your addiction has cost you. From there, you can highlight what you are not willing to give up anymore.

How Addiction Centers Can Help

By developing and practicing healthier coping skills, you can make positive changes in your behavior and reactions. An addiction center allows you the time you need out of the environment where your addiction took hold and the opportunity to work with addiction professionals who can guide you as you work on these healthier coping mechanisms.

Recovering from addiction is a process, but it can begin at substance abuse treatment centers. It all starts with getting off the substances, getting educated about the disease of addiction, and making positive changes that will support your recovery long-term. Not to mention, enlisting in a treatment program that manages withdrawal symptoms and health-care can be life-saving for many in recovery.

Seek Help for Addiction Today

Get the help you need by reaching out. Our admission specialists will answer all your questions and doubts. We’ll help you navigate your health insurance policy to see if your rehab can be covered. Drug and alcohol rehab is a long-term process, but together we will walk your journey towards recovery and offer our support every step of the way. 

Whether you need inpatient treatment or might be a candidate for our intensive outpatient programs, our team of addiction specialists will help you find the right treatment for your needs. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we believe in offering comprehensive treatment options that cater to your unique needs. Together, we can fight addiction and help you start living a healthier and substance-free life. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, reach out today and let’s find the help you need.

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